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Ready to join Pinnacle Base Camp or Pinnacle Society? You get complete access to all of the benefits of the Pinnacle Base Camp or Pinnacle Society and so much more! If you are ready to learn new systems, generate a massive amount of opportunities and develop the work-ethic needed to get to your next level, then sign up today and see why we say, “It’s no longer lonely at the top!”  


per month

Pinnacle Base Camp (monthly)

Not yet at 25 units per month?

Not yet earning $150,000/yr?

Not yet #1 or #2 in your store?

Anyone at any level can join! 

Be part of a community

Never struggle alone

(1) monthly ZOOM coaching call

Unlock new resources

Discover your next level


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Pinnacle Society (annual)

Must average 25 units / mo (or)  

Must earn $150,000/yr  (or) 

Must be top #1 or #2 at your store

^ Must meet at least one of those!

Be part of an elite community

Access to exclusive events

(2) monthly ZOOM coaching calls

24/7 Private chat room

Personal coaching and mentorship


per month

Pinnacle Society (monthly)

Must average 25 units / mo (or)

Must earn $150,000/yr (or)

Must be top #1 or #2 at your store

^ Must meet at least one of those!

Be part of an elite community

Access to exclusive events

(2) monthly ZOOM coaching calls

24/7 Private chat room

Personal coaching and mentorship

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Success is a combination of proximity, environment, and daily disciplines!

Are you surrounded by the right people, spending time in the right places, and practicing the right behaviors? If not, you, and only you are truly limiting yourself!


Do you believe that who you spend your time with matters? Imagine if your 5 closest friends were all multi-millionaires, what would you become? Now, imagine if you knew 50 salespeople selling 50+ cars a month?


Do you believe that where you spend your time matters? If you spent all day at a salon or barber shop don't be surprised if you get a new haircut. Imagine spending time every month with the best in the world?


Do you believe that your daily disciplines shape and determine your future? If you exercised with Olympic athletes every week what would happen to your body? Imagine learning the daily habits of top-performers?

What can you expect from the Pinnacle Society?



Ali, Frank & Jonathan know how to scale your business fast!


Learn how to go from making money to becoming wealthy! 


Building relationships online & in your local community!


We will show you how to design a business that works for you!


Assistants, reduced schedule, negotiating pay? We know how!


Each member will have direct access to Ali, Frank, and Jonathan.

What's included in the Membership?

Membership is limited to automotive professionals who sell 25+ / mo or earn $100,000+ / yr. Other than the network, connections, knowledge, skills, and techniques you will learn by simply being affiliated with some of the best automotive salespeople in the world, there are a few more benefits we'd like to share with you. 

Accountability Partners

All Society members will be partnered with a selling-partner to provide accountability and encouragement while you implement the new strategies and techniques you will be learning. This will include monthly activity tracking, reporting, and on-going accountability. Also, you and your partner will be able to compete against other team members for bragging rights, cash winnings and other fun and valuable prizes! 

LIVE Zoom Coaching Sessions

You will be able to join LIVE Zoom coaching sessions, twice per month, with Ali Reda, Frank Crinite, and Jonathan Dawson to coach you and support your growth and guide you to the most efficient and effective pathway to your next Pinnacle level. You will also get access to the recorded call library. These will be interactive and structured Video-based calls to help you discover the best practices that will allow you to grow!

Peer-to-peer Group Access

As a Pinnacle member you'll gain access to the private Pinnacle Society networking and community group for sharing ideas and getting real-time and instant support from other Pinnacle Members. This community will be the central hub of information and immediate help for questions, challenges, or encouragement you may need that day. It will be filled with elite salespeople and moderated by Ali, Frank, and Jonathan.

Discounts & Savings

As a Pinnacle member you will receive discounted rates and eligibility for additional savings on events, swag gear, other resources, etc. All Pinnacle Members are eligible for a 50% discount on the Pinnacle Summit Event, and can earn 20% OFF admission to the Pinnacle Mastermind Event for every referral that becomes a member - 5 referrals pays for the total Mastermind fee.  

Ability to attend Mastermind Events

ONLY Pinnacle Members (in good standing) are eligible to attend Pinnacle Mastermind Events, Founders Retreats, and other exclusive functions and events that are part of the Pinnacle Society. Membership does not guarantee attendance, but non-membership prevents the ability to attend at all. Mastermind Events are held twice per year, and the Summit is held every 2 years. 

Pinnacle Society Member Card

This unique and prestigious member card is your key to unlocking your access to the Pinnacle events, private parties, exclusive retreats, and countless other benefits to be added in the future. It will be the envy of your coworkers as they will know that it means you are part of the most exclusive and elite community of automotive professionals in the world!