Jonathan Dawson

Pinnacle Founder


The Mission, Vision, and Core Values that define us!

It's no longer lonely at the top

Who we are

BY INVITATION ONLY... ALL OF OUR MEMBERS MUST BE INVITED TO JOIN THE PINNACLE SOCIETY. Our events and masterminds are exclusive, unique and life-changing experiences designed to unlock your potential and empower you to create a relational business based on raving fan advocates! Be prepared to forge lasting relationships with each other as you learn to do the same with your clients.

Why we exist

WE BELIEVE IN A UNIQUE AND CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION FOR EVERY INDIVIDUAL MEMBER AND ATTENDEE. Each individual dealership and sales professional is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you grow your business to reach its full "Pinnacle potential". We will deliver custom solutions, tailored to you - your market, your Dealership, and your one-of-a-kind challenges. 

Our mission

In service to those we care about, we are on a mission to create a community of compassionate professionals who learn from, share with, and inspire each other towards achieving the PINNACLE in all areas of our lives. Through integrity, empathy, and resourcefulness we will prove to the world that it is no longer lonely at the top!

Our core values

COMMUNITY GRATITUDE INTEGRITY RESOURCEFULNESS COMPASSION WE ARE A SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONALS COMPLETELY CONVINCED THERE IS ANOTHER LEVEL FOR EVERYONE! We are helping others achieve heights and levels in their business and life that they would likely not achieve on their own. We do this by building a community of like-minded, committed, passionate and disciplined entrepreneurs, business leaders and sales professionals!

Our vision


What is the Pinnacle Society?

A short video to share why we created the society and who it is for!

It's NO LONGER lonely at the top!

at least it doesn't have to be

Jonathan Dawson

When you build a business where you are truly celebrated and no longer merely tolerated then you are no longer in the transactional business of convincing strangers, but you are now in the raving fan advocacy business where you are building a something that will work as hard for you as you have for it! And then, my friend, you will have freedom!

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